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Target better performing keywords The most valuable customers use more specific terms to find what they’re looking for.
Deliver perfectly targeted ads SpeedPPC creates an ad to match every single keyword — increasing click through rates & quality score, thereby lowering costs.
Pointing to perfectly matched landing pages SpeedPPC helps direct the visitor to the perfectly matching landing page, increasing quality score, conversion rates, and profits!

Used by over 10,000 customers in over 95 countries

How can SpeedPPC help you?


Get profitable faster, outflank your competition, drive huge traffic to your site, and stop Google hating on you. You haven’t tried PPC until you’ve tried it our way.

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Stop building generic, broad PPC campaigns that don’t work. Quickly create ultra-targeted campaigns to connect with the people who are most likely to buy.

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Wow your clients with bumper, targeted, high-converting traffic at rock-bottom prices. It’ll look like you’ve been working all week, when really it only takes 12 minutes.

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How SpeedPPC will improve your PPC Campaigns

Why SpeedPPC is loved by Affiliates, Business Owners and Agencies in over 90 countries.

Earn more, work less

You don't need a big team or loads of time to dramatically scale up your PPC campaigns. All you need is a little cunning automation from SpeedPPC. Create more profitable campaigns in less time.
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Improve quality score

SpeedPPC helps you automatically build ads and landing pages that give people exactly what they were looking for. The result? Google rewards you with a great quality score, lower ad costs and higher ad positions.
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Better traffic

PPC is still the fastest, best way to get more targeted traffic to your site. SpeedPPC helps you build high-quality campaigns with great Quality Score, fast. 10 keywords, or 10,000 keywords — It's just as quick. Learn More »

Improve click-thru rate

Create ads that tightly reflect the search term, and you’ll get more clicks and better Quality Score. SpeedPPC uses superior keyword insertion technology to build ads that are natural-looking, as well as relevant. Learn More »

Increase conversions

When you give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for, they end up buying more. Thanks, Captain Obvious. SpeedPPC helps you build highly-relevant landing pages for your campaign, no matter how many keywords.Learn More »

Win the long-tail

Stop taking a shotgun approach to long-tail search terms. Take out your sniper rifle and target your long-tail terms with precision. With tighter relevance than your competitors, you’ll clean up every time. Learn More »

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Ash Nallawalla

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